Awesome websitescreated using jQuery

jQuery logo

jQuery logo

This post is mainly for me just to keep track of some of the coolest web design elements I’ve come across this morning. I recently decided that after an 18 month hiatus from barely touching any HTML, CSS, PHP or JavaScript coding it was about time to get back in the saddle and attempt to remember/ re-learn most of the awesome coding techniques that I have forgotten. I am beginning work on a portfolio website that I will hand-code myself (with some help from Adobe Dreamweaver of course). I’ve previously created a parallax header design using jQuery libraries and thought the outcome was straight awesome sauce, so this time around I think I’m going to either make it a full-width parallax header or maybe even attempt a full-site parallax effect (complicated)! The last time I did this I used the techniques described here: and it was actually easy enough to understand for someone like me ( even though I have 2 years worth of schooling for web design and development I consider myself a novice) so if I can understand it and implement it, anyone can.

Here is a list of seemingly random tutorials and code snippets, but they can be used by anyone interested in web design and/or web development. Enjoy!  – this site has over 900 links to some of the best sites using jQuery!/fr/project/id/92/  – this site is innovative, inspiring, and beautiful – a rather extensive list for jQuery slider plug-ins  – an awesome site I built with oh-so-cool parallax header design

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