ApathyCre8sChaos Designs published on Abduzeedo.com



Finally got around to submitting some designs to http://www.abduzeedo.com and lo, and behold, they were published! Not only do I feel awesome, but getting published on a premium inspirational design site is something you can add to your resume when applying for graphic/web/illustrator design jobs. In case you’ve never checked out the awesomeness of http://www.abduzeedo.com please click on the link and drool over the eye-candy provided. Not only are there a whole mess of daily inspirational designs to be inspired by and get your creative juices flowing, but there are also loads upon loads of Photoshop, Illustrator and Web Design tutorials to learn some of the industry’s leading tips and tricks. Great stuff overall. This site gets a 5 star ranking from this blogger.

In case you wanted to check out the links to my published designs just click here:

http://abduzeedo.com/daily-inspiration-1588 it’s the one under the apathycre8schaos heading, and also:

http://abduzeedo.com/daily-inspiration-1587 it’s the 2nd from the top, listed under Aaron Miller, you can also check them out from these links:


as well as here: http://raw.abduzeedo.com/post/64991813193/this-is-a-cd-cover-design-i-created-using – I also got this one published on RAWZ but not on the Daily Inspiration part of the site, only the best of the day get published on there and I guess this one didn’t make the cut, it’s still cool though, check it out: http://raw.abduzeedo.com/post/65695967460/photo-manipulation-by-apathycre8schaos-using?utm_medium=email&utm_source=html&utm_campaign=submission_published&utm_term=respond_link

3 publications, 2 for daily inspirations and one for RAWZ, not too shabby.


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