Steven Heller, Graphic Designer Extraordinaire

I’ve watched quite a few films throughout my studies of fine/graphic arts over the years (more than I can count) that were graphic design related or fine art related – films your college professors generally tend to show a couple of times a semester. So I know I’ve seen some Steven Heller clips and at least one full 90 minute film that was strictly all about Heller. I’ve looked at his website a couple of times here and there, but even though I admit  he’s got talent – I’m just not a fan of his style. I do like his viewpoints and his wisdom about the arts though, that I can really appreciate, because it seems to me that what he communicates is with honesty and a hope to help other designers along the road of their own personal  inner and visual evolution. I liked his article, Design Artifacts Are History. I like the font even, Eurostiles, and thought it pretty ingenious of its origins.
His article, Pornography About Sex, which was mostly about a designer named Lubalin and a quarterly published erotic magazine called EROS that was sold back in the 50’s and 60’s.

EROS contained erotic photographs that were considered pornography back in those days but is considered merely tasteful art nowadays. Great articles by a great designer with a great mind.


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