HOW Magazine Review

HOW Magazine is a great website, one that is extraordinarily easy to get lost in. There are so many interesting articles about design, showcasing design, talking about design trends, articles on the best design websites, the coolest types of typography, up-and-coming designers, etc., etc! This is a site that I will continue to check in on a regular basis. I did not know the rich oasis of design information being swapped around and given freely for inspiration and even tips on getting a job or getting an even better one. There are articles galore for the freelancer – here is a taste of what’s on the site right now for freelancers. As well as this tasty tidbit: 5 Ways to Rock a Grant Application.

There’s also a good amount of fine art and graphic art tips, such as the article on How to Make Killer Gigposters.
I think these are pretty rad myself.
There are articles as well as links out to other sites for inspiration:, and were 2 of the coolest ones I checked out. There was even an article for how to get your creativity unstuck, if you were ever in a creative funk, check it out here: Overall, aside from the blanching, snow blindness causing stark-white background, I totally give the site two thumbs up.


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