Creative Resume Examples 2012

Creating the infamous resume – whether it be for after graduating from college, trying to find a new/better job, or just to give a touch up for purely aesthetic reasons – can be a truly grueling, nightmarish, and downright daunting task. How can you take the things you’ve done, things you’ve learned, and the jobs you’ve held sound/look awesome enough to get you a better job? Well, in the world of graphic/web/print design it’s actually a perfect place to pitch your talents. Using your eye-for-design, well-honed talents, and the 4 Design Principles (Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity) you can make something that visually grabs any potential employers attention and hopefully gains you that well-deserved career path that you are eager to tread.

After reading some articles, written mostly about whether or not a designer should exhibit their talents within the realms of the resume or to simply play it safe and stick to the tried and true, but nevertheless worn-out methods of yore (boring), the unanimous answer I’ve found is an astounding YES! Please exhibit your talents! However, there are some things you should NOT over-do, such as using too many eye-jarring graphics that your content (which is all about awesome you and the awesome things you can do) becomes lost or illegible. Properly displaying your creativity and your capabilities to indefinitely convey a message to its utmost can be quite stunning when delivering a profoundly remarkable resume to a potential employer.

As a project as well as for trying to get a job, when researching the net for the most impressively designed resumes for this year (2012) I discovered that a lot of blog posts on this topic tended to use a lot of the same resumes as examples. Considering that there are millions of designers worldwide, this really confounded me. So, I took it upon myself to try to get a wider range of the most awe-inspiring creative resumes I could lay my digital fingers on, and yes, I did use at least 4, if not 5, of the most recycled design resumes floating around on the net, but I have to admit, they’re all over the place because they are so striking.

Good luck on the job hunt frontier and may these following 30 of what I’ve deemed some of the Best Graphic Design Creative Resumes from 2012 inspire you to make some even more alarmingly breathtaking resumes!

Adhee Muhamad

Burak Kaynak

Pre-made Resume & Cover Letter Set

Fede Moral

Dan Tyrrell

Leigh Patterson

Gregory Alan Althoff

Hayden Miller

Martin Suster

John Florez

Joshua J. Moorehead


Julie Brown

Lucas Armstrong

Mathieu Zwygart

Mohit Lakhmani

Nico Caminiti

Randy Krum

Stuart Mayhew

Errol Veloso

Oratio West

Scott Stedman

Sean Metcalfing

Veronica Valesquez

Victor Rodriguez

Wong Sockying

Aaron Miller


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