How to Redesign an Advertisement Part 2

In accordance with the previous blog I wrote about How to Redesign an Ad I took a real phone book advertisement and did a straight-up revamping of it. The advertisement is for Answer Financial, a company that deals with multiple types of insurance – auto, home, life, and health. Their original advertisement looked like:

Answer Financial Original Ad

Answer Financial Original Ad

The main problems I saw with this ad were the alignment: there are two different types of alignment (right flushed as well as the more often used center alignments). There are some great images used here in the ad mainly the owl mascot/logo and the image in the bottom right-hand corner of the insurance agents holding the umbrella over the home to protect it (or more apt to say playing with the “umbrella policies” they offer to protect all things within the home as well as the home itself. Also, the flow of the ad takes you down to the bottom right-hand corner where there’s only the image but no strong content presented.

When leading the viewer’s eye you want to put them upon the main focus of the information presented, no matter how awesome the image/graphic may be. The proximity of the information is scattered, at best. So, I did a little work with the info hierarchy to make the ad have a little more POW! effect and to give you as much of the information as possible as quickly as possible.

Here are some sketches of my own that I did for re-organizing as well as just brainstorming some aesthetic layouts. I also gave it a rough hierarchy sketch of the information contained in the ad in the second image:

Personally, I love the bottom right-hand corner photograph and thought it the best to properly present the information since it almost says everything all by itself (though not the specifics). So, this is what I used, hopefully, to its most effective use as a carrier of the message. The contrast is pretty strong here, in the original ad, but I don’t believe it’s used completely effectively, mainly because there are too many type contrasts, emphasizing too much of the message.

The repetition of color and the grid blocks in the background are also a bit too scattered and placed ineffectively yet once again.

So, what I did was use the photograph as the main graphic in tandem with the owl mascot and a “home” more suited to that of an owl, though fully representing that of “any” home. I also used just one alignment, even though 2 or more is fine when used properly, I used centered alignment, even though I am not a fan of centered alignment, in this case it works. I used the grid blocks and the different shades of green as my repetition as well as using lighter and darker tones for the contrast.

Here is my final ad redesign:

Answer Financial Finished Ad Redesign

Answer Financial Finished Ad Redesign

The original Answer Financial ad was a real-deal phone book ad, so I wanted to show you what it looked like originally (it’s a little hacked up because I cut the ad out first and then placed the pieces of the page back together on a scanner, so just bear with me).

Here is what that looked like:

Original Phone Book Ad

And here is what the original phone book page looks like with the new ad in place:

Well, that’s it for today, I must get going. I hope you enjoy ed the finished product and maybe picked up a few tips for yourself on How to Redesign an Ad!


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