Communication Arts

The Communication Arts website is freaking amazing – I love it. As an artist/graphic designer/web designer and developer I can fully appreciate it on many a level. First as an artist, I love the artist profiles they give (monthly?) splashed immediately on the front page. This gives anyone with raw/advanced talent a chance to shine and gain the recognition they need. Most artists don’t possess the ability to advertise/market themselves, which is a shame, but an absolute reality. This site gives unknowns a chance to be known, and to me that is immensely attractive. Plus, from what I can tell, the artists showcased are absolutely deserved of such praise (from Vicente Garcia Morillo to Drasik – all currently featured on the front page as of 10.1.12). I love Vicente’s abstract yet grounded formal style, you can tell what his messages are being communicated in a loose, ethereal way grounded in easy-to-recognize imagery. I am particularly fond of his ‘NOIR’ and ‘MAD’ pieces:

Drasik has a more artistic (using a watercolor technique [real or photoshop?]) approach with his Dexter fan art:

I’m a huge fan of Dexter anyway, so call me a sucker, but I can immediately appreciate and acknowledge the talent and work that went into it. Plus, he’s great with commercial art, as seen in this Honda ad:


This is a site that I will be checking in on a regular basis, because the developers, designers, and content writers, absolutely know what they are doing. On a more web design/developer slant – it’s crisp, clean, easy-to-navigate and laid out in the proper online magazine format without totally clutterf***ing it with too much imagery, as so many other online art/design magazines are apt to do. Check it! It’s well worth any up-and-coming or “already there” artist’s time.


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