So, I was warned that this site was going to be a little, um….different…….and wow, was I never let down. I like things a little darker, a little more cutting-edge, sometimes morbidly and disastrously beautiful and  after reading the Graphic and Grotesque article, I felt comfortably perturbed. I find anatomy in all its grotesqueries and anamolies and awesomeness to be utterly, hands-down, fascinating. This article simply confirmed that for me as well as reminded me how little of this I use in my own work. I appreciate the complete hands-on approach to the subject as well as the ease with which of the author writes his critique on the book. They are definitely not afraid of getting their hands dirty, or rather, in this case, bloody…..

One of the more disturbing facts about this book, which is, in all literalness, a collection of artwork and photographs all focused on human anatomy and it’s own mortality. All of it medical material that has been created, documented and thrown to the side and somehow made it home to the National Library of Medicine, which is located in our own humble state in the city of Bethesda, Maryland! I can only imagine the wooden crates and withering, dusty boxes overflowing with out-dated, yet beautifully rendered medical art.

You can read more about the article from eyemagazine.com by clicking this link here: http://eyemagazine.com/opinion/article/graphic-and-grotesque and see what the professionals in the medical world are saying about it here: http://www.blastbooks.com/hidden_treasure.html


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