Critiquing alone is an activity that is typically biased and one-sided so I’m starting off this review by saying that nowadays I’m not a big fan of critiquing by myself. I do think that in a group setting, with various and multiple perceptions upon a single subject tends to reveal a myriad of responses and truths that not even the original designer/creator may have been aware. GDUSA.COM is a website though and hopefully won’t take any personal offense to what I may or may not say about it.

That being said, I actually really dig the site. With the sterile white environment not distracting you from the content and everything laid out in an extraordinarily easy fashion to navigate, travelling through the site was a breeze. I love how they use catchy banner ads all pertaining to art and design and how absolutely everything here pertains to the designer. The articles are relevant, fun, and inspiring (I’m particularly thinking of Stefan Stagmesiter’s article about his art show, which linked out to and there are design contests galore to entice the designer into the world. Very fulfilling on the creative palette, if I do say so myself.


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