20 Rules for Making Good Design. Rule #7 : If you can do it with less, than do it.

After contemplating the odd placement of text in order to get the best use out of visual elements (placing text on an eye-patch [representing piracy] which uses the ‘I HEART NEW YORK’ font (King) stating ‘I HATE FREEDOM’ instead, all of which is on the face of Lamar S. Smith, the U.S. Representative for TX, U.S.A.; the man who created the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). This is a decently heavy statement, and even though I felt like I had used the best placement for text and visual imagery to relate the point directly to the viewer with little to no subtlety – there was still something missing. Or to be way more precise, there was TOO MUCH information going on, and too many distracting elements to the piece. So, on a whim, I reduced everything, down to the basic elements and explored a simpler, more color based representation of what I wanted to express ( which is sarcasm and anger in relation to something I greatly care about, red seemed only natural to fall back on, and amazingly it worked.


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