20 Rules for Making Good Design, Rule 7: If you can do it with less, than do it. (version 1.0)

I’m posting my original design for this assignment first, because originally I had intended to fulfill the criteria for Rule 4: Use two typeface families maximum. Which I followed – there are only 2 typefaces in the spread, there is minimum text, making it easy to read. Then as I was finishing up the first version I realized that I was leaning more towards meeting the criteria for Rule 5: Use the one-two punch! (focus the viewer’s attention on one important thing first and then lead them through the rest). This is where I was heading, because I was intentionally leading the viewer’s eye/attention from one easy-to-establish element to the next (first: Lamar’s eye-patch slogan), until the viewer reaches the very end of the visual hierarchy (the “Save the Internet Stop SOPA” campaign box slogan) leaving with a completely clear message (hopefully). However, overall, I ended up with a completely different version, which I will post right after this one. 


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