Objectified: an ergonomic movie experience

Objectified opened my eyes to a (personally -until now-unknown) element of the design world. One in which I just had simply not been privy to – that of the conception of everyday(and the not-so-everyday) objects/appliances/furniture/machinery and making those conceptions into fully functioning mechanisms of the real world. There are so many elements of the graphic design world that are almost elusive and hypothetical seeing as to how designers communicate with imagery speaking a  subtle conveyance of a message to be interpreted by a million different minds. Whereas, the conception, designing, and creation of objects such as knives, laptops, desks, ergonomic shampoo bottles/keyboards/bottle-openers/whatever! The people who made appearances and spoke were so passionate (about people sitting in strong materials comfortably and safely, and things of this nature) that it absolutely blew my mind to know there were those rascally designers out there somewhere, just thinking of the newest ways to tweak the design of the duvet just for me precious bum.


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