Jordy Roelofs: Me Most Inspiring (@ the moment) Graphic Artist

Honestly, it was extraordinarily hard to pick a favorite graphic designer out of the massive pool of talent seen everywhere online such as: Dean McCain, Stjepan Sejic, Simon C. Page, and my current “right now” favorite, Jordy Roelofs. I found his work while perusing the wastelands of and was blown away by the fantastic use of contrasting as well as repeating elements: line, shape, and color (especially color!) that he frequently employs.  He has strong use of  proximity –  the related visual elements give you an intellectual entry point into the visual candyland he puts on display for you, as you can see most clearly in the image: Femmine Goas

I like how he has a graceful way of balancing his chaotic elements amongst the very symmetrical alignments he creates. I find this to be one of the hardest techniques even as I write this, so I greatly admire the mastery of it.


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