Illustrious Names o’ the Design World…


     I.      Hermann Zapf:  After an extremely rocky and volatile upbringing and childhood Hermann Zapf worked as an apprentice in a printing firm, as well as gained experience as a cartographer. He later became artistic director of Stempel AG type-foundry. Years later he was made professor of Typographic Computer Programming @ the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. He has created many popular typefaces such Palatino, Optima, and Zapf dingbats which I recognize and even like. You can read more about him and his works here:

   II.      Herb Lubalin: Is a distinguished recipient of the AIGA Medal. He has won over 500 awards and is extraordinarily recognized by his peers for his contributions in the field of “typographics  which is the ultimate manipulation of letters. Lubalin has been hailed as the “typographic impresario of our time,” as well as being hailed as a man who “profoundly influenced and changed our vision and perception of letter forms, words, and language.” I’ve actually frequently used a font that he created called ‘ITC Avant Garde Gothic Pro’. More about Herb Lubalin and his designs/typographics here:


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