Here, is the first revision of the original design last posted. There were a few hang-ups preventing this design from becoming its strongest. First off I needed to reduce the kerning so I dropped it from -75 back to the original zero standing point. There was also an issue with the black-star “bullet-list” being too distracting so completely removed them. I also had to strengthen the alignment by setting a left rule-guide to align all of the words by. I also changed the color (only slightly darker) for the Buddhist figure holding the coy fish. Also re-sized (smaller) the two icon insets in the bottom right corner and placed them within proximity to the rest of the information, where they belong, and now they no longer drag your eye off to the corner to distract you completely away from the rest of the information. A much stronger presentation, if I say so myself.

Now, this 3rd revision (bottom), is a complete act in experimentation, where I completely re-arranged everything so as to pull your eyes straight to where the meat of the information is, with a very similar layout to the one just described earlier. I felt as if the body content (which is the most important part), received too much attention and not enough focus on the visual presentation, so I tried to showcase thebody content with a little more emphasis on the surrounding imagery as opposed to the last revision.


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