HOW Top 10

My absolute favorite designer’s website would have to be the Online Portfolio of Ruud van Eijk. His work is simply amazing. He has great use of chiaroscuro, usage of positive and negative space, as well proximity, and this is just his B&W work. His work with color is simpy amazing, bright, vivid and yet somehow subtly,and blatantly flamboyant ( an oxymoron, I know) – and these are just the logos and designs that he has made. His web design skills are off the charts, my favorite two sites that he’s done would be: and . These 2 sites are filled with delicious eyecandy and definitely garnered my respect. Even though I liked Eijk’s work the best, I have to give a nod to Jessica Fortner’s work as well. I especially loved the piece entitled, “Wooly Notions”. Here are some examples of both of their work.


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