Hillman Curtis Videos presents: Milton Glaser

“I’ve always believed that the life of a designer is a life very much between two sensibilities: that of the businessman and that of the artist, and everybody kind of has a sense about where they sit in that spectrum.”  This was the quote of his that stood out the most to me , mainly because of my own personal understanding of such a statement. Having lived the life of a bohemian, poor, underfed, and under-appreciated artist I know the stress put upon finances and the even less-relenting stress of not having any. Back when I was working towards my fine-art degree everyone (friends, step-parents, peers, etc.) always wondered aloud when I was around what exactly was I planning to do with that degree once I had it. Draw portraits in the park, create paintings no one will buy, or maybe get extremely lucky and curate a museum? Money was always an issue and still is. The fine line is indeed to find where you sit in that spectrum and then apply yourself to your weak points so that you can create the art you love and make a living while doing. I believe that digital art is the answer to this balance. With the high demand for digital design in all its glory, designers can make money and enjoy their work as well. I took a vacation to Milton Glaser’s official site @: http://miltonglaser.com/ and came away from his page with satisfaction in being able to observe the above-mentioned statement fully at work in both aspects of the spectrum: that of the businessman AND that of the artist. Glaser has done such iconic magazine covers as Newsweek and portrayed iconic characters such as Bob Dylan in his work, giving a nice example of both ends of the spectrum at work: artistically displaying cultural heroes in his artistic fashion, as well as designing for large corporate magazines. He is a multi-talented man who has his fingers in many creative pies such as film-making, t-shirt prints, and identity packaging. Two thumbs up to actually talking the talk and walking the walk.


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