product illustration a-go-go?

After perusing through the site: and checking out the attempts made by the members of the site, I was discombobulated and flabbergasted beyond my bulbous yet dumbfounded brainmeats into utter oblivion by the phenomenally epic amounts of realistic gradient mesh work done by artists on the site, albeit I was not really able to find many “products” rendered  so for a moment I am going to focus on the  portraits that were en masse. Jocelyn Ramos’s portrayal of Christina Ricci was one of the better ones -the use of positive/negative space was effective, even though the attempt overall seemed a tad lackluster and flat yet was able to convey a decently provocative expression on her face and the hair was done beautifully though the eyebrows were the largest detractor from the overall realistic effect I believe the artist was aiming for since they were simply “drawn” on and not given any further work to seem more realistic. “The Red Flower” by Moriya Neva was also highly impressive ( and better), as well as Jaime Pressly by Itai Lustgarten ( which is absolutely phenomenal and one of the most realistic gradient mesh pieces I have seen to date) elisha cuthbert mesh by Markuz, etc. Damian Geisser’s gradient mesh PRODUCT illustration of a SONY remote was decent, yet flat and unbelievable. Nice try. Ben Herrera did a better job on his rendering of a TuneCast for iPod and his Belkin Nostromo Game Pad was almost fairly believable if you shut your eyes almost all the way and then looked at it. dkelly’s “key fob” was pure garbage and wasnt worth the 2 seconds it took to look at the page.

The toilet illustration by Hatch Illustrations I found to be totally suited for the way I felt towards many of the unmentioned hackneyed attempts to make people’s eyes bleed ( don’t get me wrong, the toilet was actually really well-done, nice smooth gradients with sharp well-defined contours, but a LOT of the other hit-and-runs I witnessed did not need to be vomited onto a webpage).


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