Are All Truly Awesome Illustrator Artists Hiding Under Slankets….or WHAT?!

I have been randomly trying to find some inspiring artwork created by artists that are superbly skilled with Adobe Illustrator basically since, well, since this semester started! Alas, the world does not seem to like those who are truly skilled at illustrating, even though, the potential for the varied amounts of different types of art that can be created using Illustrator are only hindered by the imagination of the person using it. I have been unable to find anything that resembles what I would personally call, amazing or box redefining, and the site that I keep re-discovering time and time again is the same site I discovered ( or we did a previous blog on a few months ago?) at the beginning of the semester: . This makes me filled with despair and contempt for my fellow non-artistic human companions who mock and shun the use of Illustrator. That’s fine, though, we will have our revenge when all children’s book lack imagery and all of a sudden the world becomes a much darker place because people forgot to respect the digital arts. I’m mainly blabbing because I have not really been able to find any inspirational Illustrator artwork or artists pretty much for the duration of the semester, which angers me, because I keep coming back to this same site over and over again and looking at the same artists repeatedly, like a broken record. I find it strange that there are a billion and one tutorials for how to create different “whatever” with the power of Illustrator but hardly ay obvious showcases or galleries of art created with it. I guess I have slowly become a fan of the work created by the people @: because of the strangeness it emits eerily through my monitor made all the moreso by the anatomically incorrect EVERYTHING that walks, crawls, screams, or twitches in each frame. Everything has a sort of candy-esque feel to it, like hard-tac candy, it’s all so glossy and brightly colored and the environments these fantasy creatures live in are purely hospitable to surreal yet soft-core nightmares.


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