TRON:Legacy Themed Icon Set

This is my finished TRON: Legacy themed Icon set. I will list the icon’s functions from top left to right , row by row in descending order: 1st Icon- HOME, 2nd Icon-SAVE, 3rd Icon-EMAIL, 4th Icon-VOLUME OFF, 5th Icon- VOLUME ON, 6th Icon (for laptops) – BATTERY LIFE LOW, 7th Icon – NETWORK UNCONNECTED, 8th Icon- NETWORK CONNECTED, 9th Icon (for laptops) – BATTERY LIFE HIGH TO FULL. This was an awesome project to work on and to make it even cooler and fully usable, I will soon be posting a link to my deviantart account where I will have a free link to download 3 differing sizes for use as either desktop icons or miscellaneous in case anyone wants put these to good use.

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