Adobe Illustrator created Icon Sets

With the advent of a new project looming ahead, we must prepare for war! The new project being Vector Icon sets created by us means a good bit of getting down and dirty to find out what some of the best sets on the net are and how to go about creating them. Apparently, there is a wealth of information on the web about this particular topic so it has not been hard to find an overwhelming heap of sites with great-looking icon sets. There are also plenty of tutorials online for how to go about making these icons. One site that caught my eye that was stuffed to the brim with 9 pages worth of Icon Sets: Definitely check this out for creative inspiration.

Here is a site that has several different links to tutorials that will enable you to be able to execute said creative inspiration: . The one that I followed was: and here is the completed images. Update: I didn’t realize it till a day after I finished the tutorials on how to make these, but these were created according to a tutorial by Chris Spooner, whom we had a blogspot on earlier this semester.


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