photo-realistic vector art

I have seen the future of reality, and that future is virtually indistinguishable from fantasy.

Yeah, I am pretty much speechless at the work I kept dropping my jaw at here on: as well as here: This work is inspiring mainly because this type of art is groundbreaking. Don’t get me wrong I love abstract expressionism, surrealism, and horror-fantasy art just like anyone else but I am also a huge fan of hyper-realism created by human hands ( and eyes). Any kind of hyper-realistic artwork that passes as real and was not created by a DSLR camera would garner my respect and get more than a few moments notice from me eyeballs. I wanted to know how to do it, and now, NOW comes along a time when its simply getting harder to tell the difference between reality and fantasy. This opens up all kinds of metaphorical and literal doorways. It is possible for the illustration layman to create images by ILLUSTRATING that any normal man or woman would swear were photography. Completely blows my mind. The work done by Koji Masui is phenomenal. If I had seen this work outside of a website titled “the most photorealistic vector art” I would have thought that these were photographs. I wouldn’t have thought twice, so sure would I have been. Someday within the next 10 years (or less) we will be swimming through a world of water created by illustrators run through a video player ( like CGI animation) being projected from our widescreen monitors, and filling our homes with virtual worlds. It’s a great time to be alive for artists and lovers of technology.


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