This site is a typical blog site, I was unable to find anything that set this blog apart from any other other than the fact that the creator of this tutorial blog site actually introduced himself as well as gave some of his personal cons and pros about how he handles this site. The site layout is good with things in their proper places, everything is within an easy-to-reach area for navigating through his site and the archives of tutorials is EXTENSIVE and MASSIVE. The color palette for his site is soft-earthtones which helps promote a healthly, clam learning environment. I personally like the creators way of hosting the site and how he explains his actions to those that follow his weekly design posts keeping it a more one-on-one experience rather than a teach from-afar – again this helps in promoting a healthy learning environment.

     Chris Spooner has a large collection of freebies for his online folllowers as well as a HUGEMONGOUS library of tutorials that would take any newcomer to the site at least a year to work through. This collection is well-amassed and is free for anyone interested in following his weekly articles or in floowing the tutorials, step-by-step. I will personally be spending some time with his vast array of design tuts though I must admit I am somewhat unimpressed with Chris Spponer’s overall design for the site due to its bland colors ( is this supposed to have some kind of COFFEE theme to it because his last name is Spooner?) and crummy site header. The organization of materials is great, though.


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