Jason Beam: Master of the Macabre

     A designer that I found enmeshed within the wondrously world wide web was Mr. Jason Beam. He is a dark artist, who mainly dwells in the dark heart of all things artistic and design oriented. He has been working with design since the 1950’s and been winning awards ever since. His work is much in the same vein as Dave McKean, who uses a slew of artistic principles and mixed medias to combine into a single glorious piece of horrificly delicious eye-candy. Here is a link to his tarot series, which is also something that Dave McKean (artist of The Sandman graphic novel covers, collaborator with Neil Gaiman on such projects as The Sandman, most covers for his novels, and a few graphic novels that he drew the entirety of such as Black Orchid) has also created: http://www.jasonbeamstudios.com/site/art_limited.asp?user_id=5190486&section_id=6040136 He is also the graphic designer for the book Daughters of Digital Alchem, which is also an artistic treat. Check this guy out, his work rocks.


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