Designer Critique III

I would love to say that I think Ron Chan’s illustration style is just the cat’s friggin’ meow, but unfortunately I do not. There’s this fad right now that I’ve been noticing where a lot of illustrative styles look like they just got dumped out of a Curious George storybook or dug up from the bottom of what was leftover from last year’s Easter basket. A weird pastel, Easter stink-egg that everyone wishes we had just forgotten to re-discover. It’s the new old, or the old new thing and no one’s dancing to the beat of those bad times. This is how Ron Chan makes me feel. The listless gaze of his less-than caricatures of people make me feel hollow and empty inside, his lack of true spirit or hope in the face of the less than vibrant and mocking “shapes” of people strewn about his hurriedly abysmal landscapes. His site navigation is absolutely horrid, with nothing to latch onto and nowhere to know from which way we came. I abhor the fact that I had to sit here for 10 minutes throwing my life away just to critique this foulness.

Louis Fishauf has a vibrant and unique blend of creative visions coming together here on his personal website. His site simply feels good to LOOK at – like a high octane dose of caffeine in the cold, miserable morning. The switching of the white and black background colors fits snugly with the variety of project material with which he slyly assaults our senses. Unfortunately, as versatile and shiny as his work may be, there is very little of it to be presented to the world/us and therefore not enough time to get down and dirty and close to our good friend Louis Fishauf. It was a short, yet comfortable ride and if he had marketed himself better ( which he didn’t!), then I might feel obligated to hire him to design my next tattoo/unicycle decal. One of the greatest highlights of entering into the deep, scaly underbelly of the Fishauf was an unexpected series of insights into his personal life (bio) that he felt obligated to illustrate for us.

Gerard Huerta is an amazing graphic designer, I’m almost kind of speechless here after looking through his wide-ranged portfolio @ He has this remarkable way of turning text into fine art. I have not seen this technique as fine-tuned as Huerta has done it. He has created some of the most cornerstone graphics that we see on an at least weekly basis. Time magazine, People, Architectural Digest, PC Magazine, Waldenbooks, Nabisco, Swiss Army, Rolling Rock, HBO, Pepsi, and bands such as AC/DC, Foreigner and Boston-the list goes on and on. I had no idea these logos that I see ALL THE TIME were done by one individual. This simply  blows me away. This is a man who has shot to the top of the heap of designers and claimed king of the hill and challenger after challenger seemingly has been pushed back down to the bottom. His work is inspiring and jaw-dropping.

Scott Crouse has an impeccable eye for flawless scenery that teems with an energy and life all its own. I will gladly trade up a few of my boring Hagerstown, MD days for a few days in any one of the numerous world corners in which he’s shot some otherworldly transcndental photo or another.  He happens upon a mood cast by the sky and the lighting in which a normal unappealing chunk of planet Earth or some non-descript common place and forever captures it on film wrapped in a beauty that seemingly would never have existed had he not been there to capture that moment. Simply stunning.


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