I can understand the niche for Ron Chans illustrations, to a degree, there have been previous artists with his slimmed down, solid color, no gradation, heavy inked, simplistic, elongated depiction of the world. It’s very cartoonish in a somewhat ( though not seen by myself to be this way) elegant fashion. There have been illustrators working this style for years now. I can remember seeing illustrations in both the Reader’s Digest and the Dominion Post that were EXACTLY like this. If this is the same artist that created those prior illustrations then I should probably be apologizing and if not, then I will be justified in my distaste for someone who has modelled his own style after such. However, after perusing through his website gallery, I can definitely appreciate his approach to art being applied to web design, which works fantastically. Less is definitely more here, and his understanding of color application works great.


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