New Fav Graphic Designers

Having been immersed into the eternally evolving world of graphic design and having learned some of the techniques required to use Photoshop ( I imagine this will be a never-ending process beyond which will only stop upon my death) my tastes in this field are also continuously changing the more I learn. I originally was interested in graphic design due to the CGI work created for video games and then was further broadened by the fine digital artwork of Dave McKean ( cover illustrator for the infamous Sandman graphic novels). Now I’ve been getting into graphic artists such as Si Scott who has been in the field for quite some time and is obviously infamosu for his amazing work, you can check out some of brilliance here:

Some other amazing graphic designers/artists:

  • Vince Frost- this guy is into EVERYTHING, you name it- web design, advertising, television, book design, magazines, posters, fashion, etc., etc. His work is also PHENOMENAL.
  • Jonathon Romeo – otherworldly fantasy digital artist
  • Dong Hawn- another fantasy digital artist along the lines of CG Lord of the Rings-esque work
  • Olivier Ponsonnet- a digital fantasy portrait artist whose work is epic
  • Hao Aiqiang- another fine digital artist who digitally paints anything and everything

These are but a few of the graphic artists that I am inspired by, the list gets longer everyday. I imagine and hope that this will not change. Long live the imagination and the creative desire to pursue the arts!


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