Prepare with Templates: Software Aids in Vehicle Wrap Growth

     I thought this article was informative mainly because I had no idea what a vehicle wrap was before I read this article. Vehicle wraps are those annoying moving advertisements printed onto basically anyone’s car willing to let a business attach one to it. This article gave the skinny on how the job is done on making the printed ads fit to a multitude of different sized vehicles and still come out looking sharp, if you coudl ever really say that about ads on cars. Apparently there is a decent sized market for templates that have been created that are already sized to an existing 320+ vehicles on the market, which makes the job for printing the ads easier:  “Using our templates helps with job pricing and designing with confidence,” states Larry Lopez, owner, Art Station Vehicle Templates, which means that in the overall scheme of things:  “When you start out with the right graphics that fit the job perfectly, it is a smoother process,” he explains. Awesome, I suppose.


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