New Masters of Photoshop: Alicia Buelow

Alicia Buelow’s style of artwork is not necessarily new or or innovative, but it is damned good. Alicia Buelow uses the mixed media collage within collage/drawing/digital art which has been in style for years now. However, her eye for composition, color and use of the golden ratio is impeccable. She’s also great across multiple platforms – from poster designs to CD covers to product packaging. As far as I can tell Alicia Buelow doesn’t possess a weakness in any of these areas and I thoroughly enjoyed her creative strengths and artistic prowess. I can’t wait to see more of her work in the future! In the meantime, you can discover Alicia Buelow’s online art gallery at her website:

The Art of Alicia Buelow 1

The Art of Alicia Buelow 1

alicia6 buelow_01 e4ddbfb3d0ec3ed7ab1c95e944678536 EN-AA426_COVER_E_20081113115335 Glimpse_of_Dream m_3022 page_2 50325d345054d9c125f5d608b89750d2


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