creepy 8 mm world of Small Dangers

     After perusing through the strange unusual world of the multiple links, I found a place amidst all of the sick, strange wonders that was still sick and strange yet filled with an amusing sense of danger fused with a necessary feeling of safety from a distance. The works of Lori Nix remind me of the Adult Swim show Moral Oral, where everything is a deep sarcastic mockery of our own realistic worldview. You definitely get the same sense of mockery here in ‘Small Dangers’, yet because everything has that plasticy sheen to it, you can remain mentally distant from the creepy scenes pictured ( which if were real photographs of real-life scenes would verge on the morbid and terrifying). I was a particular fan of both ‘Ice Storm’ and ‘School Bus’. You can see for yourself here: Definitely worth checking out.


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