Bill Atkinson is an Amazing Photographer of Nature

Wow, after looking through Bill Atkinson’s website:, I am now a newly converted fan of his. I’m much more critical of photographers than any other endeavors in creative art mainly because of the ease of the artform itself. Simply click and shoot. Technically I know it’s more than that mainly because one has to have an eye for composition, layout, and all of the technical aspects of photography such as f-stops, aperture, shutterspeeds, lighting, etc. I’m even more critical of those who photograph nature, because, well, it’s already there, it’s not going anywhere- there’s not some critical dramatic moment to capture that you’re going to miss if not caught at the exact right moment. So, all that being said, I was pleasantly surprised at how awesome Bill Atkinson’s photography of nature actually is, especially his Smokey Mountains and Rocks collections. He has a keen eye for the right places to position himself and the perfect natural compositions that lie within nature. He’s also able to somehow dispel an emotional quality throughout his work which changes accordingly. I give it two thumbs up and highly recommend a browse through his site.


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